​Swedish massage: incorporates a variety of strokes to improve circulation, reduces chronic pain,and assists in the removal of toxins by increasing lymph flow

Deep tissue massage:  breaks up scar tissue, goes beyond the soft tissue to release built up tension deep in the muscles

Relaxation massage: soothing techniques to help sedate nervous system and bring about sense of wellbeing

Sports massage: for athletes young and old, a pre- and post -event massage shortens recovery time

Myofascial Release: trauma recovery; unwinds emotional binding by combining massage and stretching with breathing exercises to open areas of deep tension and heal old injures

Pre and Post Natal massage: provides relief from muscle tenderness in the rapidly changing body.  Fluid retention, lower back pain,sciatica, and overall stress can be improved with massage; care up to delivery and after


Reiki: is channeling the universal white light to aid in healing.  It is the laying of the hands, no manipulation to the tissues.  It promotes a state of total relaxation by functioning on all levels, whether it is emotional, mental, or physical.  Blocked energy gets loosened up and toxins are drawn out so the body can work on repair

Reflexology: Pressure point therapy that addresses the organ systems of the entire body through reflex areas on the feet, ears and hands

Aromatherapy: enlighten your senses; organic essential oils can be added to any treatment

Yoga personal instruction with proper alignment help: New to yoga or experienced yogi wanting to dive deeper in your practice with one on one instruction


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$70 / Hour                                                                                                  Couples Massage   $150 Hr

$95 / Hour and half                                                                                                                           $190 1 hr 30min

$45 / Half hour 

$50 / Private yoga instruction

( all rates include tax)